NebonsLewin International in Brief

NebonsLewin International is an international executive search and consulting firm that specializes in finding "world class resources" that have the skills and ability to fulfill your requirements. We focus on Oil & Gas, Engineering, information technology, telecommunications, retail, financial services and advertising marketplaces. Our customers include some of the most well known Global 500 companies.

NebonsLewin International has deep contacts in Western and Russian marketplaces. This combined with a multicultural staff combined with a Western management staff, extensive involvement within the Official US-Russia business dialog is a powerful combination. In addition our executives know what it is like to be in business and have held Senior Executive positions at worldwide companies. This experience and our deep knowledge of the recruitment process in Russia allows us to "get the job done" quickly and effectively while maintaining a high degree of customer service and professionalism.

History of the Idea

NebonsLewin International is the continuation of TECRA LLC, a firm operating since 2003. The idea being the creation of a global business structure that helps to create a bridge between foreign companies entering the Russian market and Russian companies starting business abroad. The key is to overcome geographical borders, cultural and language differences and to establish effective cooperation by providing the essential link. NebonsLewin International, LLC - a team of World Class Professionals who know the specific conditions of a contemporary market and yet understand the needs and corporate culture of the Western Clients. NebonsLewin International also has a deep understanding of Western companies and markets. We can provide top level talent for Companies wanting to establish a presence with the right "resources" and to quickly enter the market or to rebuild existing staff.