Our team

NebonsLewin International has a team of consultants working in executive search and management selection with International Recruiting experience. Our specialists come from recruitment and consulting companies and have extensive experience in Oil&Gas, Engineering, Information Technology, Biotechnology, Automotive, Finance, Metallurgy, Retail and Wholesales areas. Each one of them specializes in the separate industry and deeply understands its specificity. With practical experience in consulting they become reliable partners in managing business issues, they can formulate the tasks and correct them if needed. Our consultants are known for their abilities to understand the Client's needs in finding the right candidates. Each one has a merited reputation in the specific sector.

Leonard Nebons Manages the operations of NebonsLewin International. He is one of the most experienced financial specialists in Russia. He has 20 years experience working in New York, with major firms such as Salomon Brothers, Goldman Sachs, and Drexel Burnham. In his 8 years in Moscow he has served as the Vice Chairman of 2 major banks, been international sales manager for a major brokerage firm, and serves on a DUMA committee, with the speaker of the DUMA. He serves as a director to a Hedge Fund, Activedge Capital. He has an MBA from Columbia University Graduate Business School, and servers as Columbias Ambassador to Russia.

Ron Lewin- Serves as an advisor to all executive placements in the IT and Telecom sectors. Ron is one of the most experienced IT persons in Russia, having started TerraLink 15 years ago. He is the chairman of AMCHAMs IT committee. TerraLink is one of the premier IT problem solvers for Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and much if the CIS.

Energy/Engineering Group is headed by Ilgar Musabaliyev, Vice President. Prior to joining NebonsLewin, Ilgar was the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Confiance Ltd., an International Recruitment and Consulting company specializing mainly in Oil&Gas and Engineering areas. He has vast experience in International Recruitment and HR, as well as Employee Relations and Marketing.