Project Procedure

The main point of working on the project is a renovation of contacts and recommendations. Our database tracks market changes and changes within companies - all main players of the market. This approach allows us to broaden the search and manage to get not only specialists currently searching for a job but also to give alternative opportunities to those whom we consult.

The technology involves market research based on Client's business requirements.

The technology chain:

Information gathering stage

  • Gathering and analizing the information about Client's corporate standards, about competitors, about current situation on the market and how Client's requirements correspond to it.
  • Gathering and analizing the information about the position: specialist's main goals and tasks, his competence, position in company's structure, his compensation package and motivation factors.
  • Together with Consultant determining Candidate's main requirements, tasks and responsibilities.

Technology Selection
Market analysis stage

  • Choosing resouces: mass media, contacts database, comparative analysis of compensation levels in rival companies, labour market research.
  • Putting together clear description of the position and company profile.
  • Determining realistic time frames of the project

Stage of searching and selecting the candidates

  • Providing short and long list of selected candidates
  • Deep interview, testing, checking recommendations
  • Introduction of each candidate including professional skills, personal qualities and possible motivation factors

Final stage of the project

  • Choosing the candidate, final negotiations
  • Following up the candidate during his trial period, providing feedback
  • Staying in contact both with Client and Candidate in order to control his successful work in the new company.